Beagle Cafe Co.

A place for conversation, caffeination and community in Stanford, CA

The Backstory

Beagle is a place to meet new friends in the community, gather to discuss the most recent episode of Lupin, ideas from the latest book you've read and grand plans to make the world better. Bring a friend or an idea, and coffee's on me.The collective is inspired by my time in Boston, where I lived across from Darwin's Cafe. The coffee was arguably terrible, but it was where many ideas were conceived and friendships germinated. Beagle Cafe is my attempt to re-create that space. Same idea, better coffee.While there's only one Darwin's Cafe, that sense of discovery and community is something I hope to take with me where I go. That idea inspires the name -- HMS Beagle was the vessel in which Charles Darwin navigated around the world in his 20s.

Praise for Beagle Café

When you look back at your time at Stanford, you won't remember the all-nighters you spent in lab or the hours spent analyzing data. You'll remember the wonderful conversations, and the people you had those conversations with. For that reason alone, a visit to the Beagle Cafe is well worth your time.
- PS, PhD '23

The Beagle Cafe felt like a little pocket of the old, Age-of-Enlightenment-style coffeehouse. The coffee was superb and the conversation flowed smoothly and naturally. Everyone brought great ideas and experiences to share and I felt refreshed and intellectually stimulated upon leaving.
- LB, BS '24

"Conversation that feels like a warm cup of coffee - comforting, energizing, and a bit addictive!"
- SK, MS '23

"Huge fan of the Beagle Cafe experience! Over the course of more than two hours, our group talked about anything and everything, from our hobbies to giving each other life advice to existential ponderings. I left the conversation feeling inspired, and definitely will be attending another Beagle Cafe event in the future!"
- SD, BS '24


- Beans of the week: Hairbender by Stumptown Heartbreaker by Cafe Grumpy
- Brewed by: Rocket Cinquantotto
- Grind: Niche Zero


A project by Shreyas Lakhtakia